Creating Labels That Stand The Test of Time

Since 2012, TrojanLabel® has globally revolutionized color printing technology with the production of innovative specialty printing systems from label mini presses to compact finishing systems for a broad range of end markets. Along with the stand-alone color label presses, TrojanLabel offers digital color print station OEM modules for label converters, print shops, brand owners, contract packaging, and secondary labels/logistics markets, as well as many others.

TrojanLabel specialty printing systems include an advanced overprinting system that allows label converters and manufacturers to produce labels or print high-quality, four-color print directly on flat ink absorbing surfaces including cardboard, paper bags, and flat wooden planks.

Our research and development team creates state-of-the-art solutions for on-demand and in-house color printing applications. The result: TrojanLabel has become the clear choice for those considering an industrial or specialty printing system.

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